4 headed sheep, near nuclear power station, Wales
4 headed sheep, near nuclear power station, Wales
  • mission complete
    • 27/08/2014
just waiting for the final of four train connections to get back to Notts.

Yesterday was.a day of two halves-
climbing to 1065 metres in 10metre visibility, then along a ridge with 60mph gusts that forced you onto your knees.
Then a lovely sunny evening after dropping steadily down toward the coast.

Finally this morning an easy last 5 miles into Conwy to the finish line at the castle, followed by a massive fry up!
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    • 26/08/2014
last night camping
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    • 24/08/2014
mountain lake
  • Rocking the Rhinogs
    • 24/08/2014
last two days we've scrambled and squelched over the Rhinogs. Extremely rocky hills!

Camped last night by Lake Trawsfynydd, approach to Snowdon today, although the forecast for tomorrow means going up it is doubtful!
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    • 19/08/2014
Andy at trig point

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